Nhan Tam Group

We are proud of being an investment group actively focusing on 3 key areas: IMC – Education & Training – Donation.

With our intensive, sophisticated services and professional business expertise, Nhan Tam Group has steadily firmed its strategic position in the market with the current fiercely competitive economic environment.

Started up in 2004 with small team specializing in media (Nam Thanh Media), 15 years of development is really a huge challenge to the Management Board. Yet, with heartly-passion and non-stop effort, Nhan Tam Group has established, developed and created job opportunities for thousands of labours throughout the country. Until now, we have positioned firmly in the outdoor, indoor and hi-tech advertising industry.

We are realized that our achievements are genuinely from our team’s hearts and minds for the sustainability and development. That is why Nhan Tam Group would want to express our appreciation to every single member of Nhan Tam Group.

Nhan Tam Group History







Originally started up with only 5 members, we have worked very hard to build every initial billboards on every road, highway, wetmarket, bus-shelter,… from North to South in the market.

With the motto of always respecting client’s confidentiality, integrity and transparency, especially with the global clients, Nguyen Tran has been set up with this motto and the highest respect to our clients.

With the aim to provide one-stop services to clients, NT Pro has been established to help clients optimize their investments and create the convenience on clients’ budget control.

Technology or Die? With the thoroughly insights of the market and industry, OAS has been built up to bring the round – technology solution to our existing and potential clients.

Not stopping at traditional outdoor advertisement, with the rapid development of technology, NT Comm with S@M (Smart Advertising Model) placed in all shopping malls covered in all over the country has approached to the Vietnamese consumers.

To maintain and develop sustainability with the vision “Circle of Life”, Nhan Tam Group has been set up to put our vision into life.


Realizing that life is not just surrounded with working but demanded to balance with other concerns, Nhan Tam Group always especially focuses on celebrating meaningful activities out of working hours to regenerate energy for staffs as well as create inspiration for new projects.




August/ 2020

"E-Learning opening ceremony made me interested in the next online lessons."

Nguyen Hong Han

Investment Executive – Nguyen Tran

"I truely expect to learn useful knowledge in these online courses."

Truong Van Phuong Anh

Senior Sales Executive – NTComm

"In NTGroup, you are both work & learn neccessary things for your career path."

Le Thi My Hang

Sales Executive – NTComm

July/ 2020

"These weekly activities help NTGroup-ers connect to each other."

Nguyen Ngoc Quang

Investment HOD – Nguyen Tran

"I feel extremely excited with every games organized in these activities."

Chau Que Tran

Senior CS Executive – Nguyen Tran

"Definitely I look forward to joining these activities on Saturday."

Nguyen Van Truong

Content Executive – OAS

January/ 2020

"Every time joining in volunteering, my feeling is emotional as the first time."

Tran Thi Huyen Tran


"I feel as if these lovely faces released all of our stress and sadness."

Tran Minh Dang

Printing Executive – NTPro

"Actually his effort is shining and makes adults deeply think about."

Tran Thi Thanh Van

Report Executive – OAS