“ If it was born to be a bird or a leaf
Then the bird must sing, the leaf must be green
Would it be great for just borrowing not paying?
Living is for giving not just receiving ”
- To Huu -

Realizing that life is a circle of a giving and receiving chain, Nhan Tam Group always keeps our mission of sharing what we are received to the community by our sincere heart. Thanks to that, we hope to be partly shared our responsibilities with the society.




Children are possibly implied with seeds of life. Nhan Tam Group knows that every seed deserves to be loved and protected in order to be nursed and grow up with others. Thanks to this, they would be able to live usefully for the society in the future.

"The eyes and smile are not sunshine but why it is so warm that my mind is tied."

Do Nguyen Hong An


"Your name is so beautiful. Hope that you will grow up as beautifully as your name."

Trinh Hoang Trong

POSM HOD – NT Production

" Your happiness is the motivation for our community to try more. "

Truong Van Phuong Anh

Senior Sales Executive – NTComm

On the development journey, students could be compared with green trees which are taking effort to grow up. There are some trees favorably grown with wind and the sun. However, there are still ones facing with obstacles initially. By a little bit of our contribution, Nhan Tam Group hopes to create more additional conditions for students to rise strongly, cope with challenges and become good citizens for the society later.

"Our youth becomes more meaningful & beautiful when we work in such a wonderful place like NTGroup."

Le Thi Kim Phung

Senior CS Executive – NTComm

"The most wonderful thing in NTGroup is that you could work and enjoy your life without fearing."

Tieu Vu Binh

Senior Sales Executive – NTComm

"The working environment here is not as stressful as films but it is extremely friendly with nice colleagues."

Trinh Thi To Uyen

Senior Content Executive - OAS

Men’s lives are able to be compared with plants. In order to raise a new generation up, it is necessary for a previous generation to be matured and exchange their experiences. Knowingly understand this mind, Nhan Tam Group always keeps our respect and love for them who have been well experienced after such a long time struggling with life.

"Every time coming back here and realizing their health is worse, I feel love them more."

Mai Thi Thuy

Report Executive – OAS

"The happiness appearing on her face makes all people feel extremely emotional."

Tu Quoc Diep

Technician – OAS

"From now on I know that elders need nothing more than love."

Tran Duc Huy

Designer - NT Production