Spark Academy

To develop a business in particular and a national economy in general, Nhan Tam Group considers the role of human resource is extremely important. So as to meet the labor capacity assessment scale in this new age, Nhan Tam Group actively founded Spark Academy to educate and train a human resource with high quality, high level, high management capacity and flexible mindset in comparison with the modern society’s requirements. Besides that, it could be a place to nurse attitude and professional working style according to the standard of labour 4.0 .

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What is communication? What is doing communication? If it is correct to say doing communication is doing advertising. Here are just some mistaken points in this major and even get more. Let’s turn it back to the most basical steps before go further.

Media Basics

OOH Basics

Digital 101



Being well specialized in your major or getting high IQ index is never enough to give you success. EQ as well as other soft skills will help you manage yourself better and step further on the road you chose, on your career path and your personal life as well.

Critical Thinking

Trust Equation

The Art of Asking Questions

Crisis Management

Time Management

Active Listening

Client Services


Present & Persuade

Feedback Essentials

Project Management

Business Etiquette

Public Speaking

Stress Management

What is the difference between a Manager and a Leader? A leader does not depend on a title but attitude and vision. Becoming the best leader is not enough because it is more important to be a leader who enables to inspire. How could it be a leader owning both good mood and mind?


Change Management


Lead & Motivate

Conflict Management

Team Management

Coaching on the Go

Goal Setting

Developing Employees